If you don’t want to order everything on Taobao and are prepared to go outside to buy everything you need, Chengdu has you covered. There are many streets and places where you can find different kinds of traditional art and souvenirs, as well as streets that combine shopping with culture and restaurants.

Chunxi Road

Chunxi Road is the most popular shopping street in the city. It combines historical elements with modern fashion, and there are not a lot of things you cannot buy there. If you are all exhausted from your whole day shopping trip, there are also many restaurants, both western and Chinese, where you can take a break and get something to eat.


Jinli Street

This old street is the place to buy a lot of traditional art as well as watching some traditional performances in ancient pavilions. No matter if you are looking for calligraphy, paintings or creations made of clay, Jinli Street is probably the best place to find it all. Over its long history, it has changed a lot, but the feeling still is from another time. It might be a bit more expensive to buy your souvenirs here, but you pay a price for the experience you get.

Qintai Road

Especially in the evening, Qintai Road offers a romantic way to stroll through the streets and parks it has to offer. You can find tea houses, operas, small shops and restaurants. It is open until late night, so you have plenty of time to explore even the last small corner shop.


Tibetian Blocks

The Tibetian Blocks are located near the Wuhou Temple and feature a selection of traditional Tibetian arts and crafts and religious items. There are a lot of Tibetian residents in this part of the city in general, so the shops sell the traditional things made by the people themselves! It is a great way to get to know the Tibetian culture more, and also buy some souvenirs for people at home!