Episode 1: 10/22® 50th Anniversary
Ruger celebrates the 50th anniversary of the world's most popular rimfire, the 10/22®, with a special gun. Instructors Ed Head covers the uses of sound suppressors on various guns, and Il Ling New gives in-depth advice on how best to reload a revolver in a hurry.

Monday June 30th - 9:30 PM ET / Tuesday July 1 - 12:30 AM ET


Episode 2: Handgun Lasers
Self-defense experts Dave Spaulding and Ed Head demonstrate the effectiveness of lasers on pistols and revolvers. Instructor Il Ling New explains the various types of rifle field carry, and Ruger staff covers solutions to common rifle problems.

Monday July 7th - 9:30 PM ET


Episode 3: Small-Frame Revolvers
An inside look at new small-frame revolvers Ruger is producing and how to practice with them, plus a comparison of the LCR® and new LCRx™. Instructor Ed Head and co-host Ken Jorgensen examine the differences between Government and Commander 1911s.


Episode 4: Shooting Moving Targets
Co-host Scott Rupp gets schooled on engaging moving targets by FTW instructor Doug Prichard and faces down charging buffalo targets with a .375. Handgun and self-defense expert Dave Spaulding demonstrates three modes of concealed carry and explains what the benefits are for each style.


Episode 5: The Mighty .308
See all the different offerings available for the excellent .308 cartridge, and learn how to keep your rifle functioning properly. Instructor Il Ling New gives pointers on how to work a bolt-action rifle the right way, and handgun expert Dave Spaulding discusses the pros and cons of standard and extended pistol magazines.


Episode 6: The Ruger American Rifle®
An in-depth examination of the innovative and affordable American Rifle lineup, plus a look at the very cool Mini-14® Target and optics options for the Scout rifle. Top training expert Dave Spaulding explains the benefits of taking a handgun class and how one can make you a better, safer shooter.


Episode 7: Self-Defense Handguns
Handgun expert and trainer Il Ling New gives expert advice on how to choose a self-defense handgun for your significant other, plus Ruger's Mark Gurney gives you the lowdown on muzzle brakes for centerfire rifles - and an ingenious design that offers shooters a ton of options. Ruger's Dave Pienaar clears up the mysteries surrounding first vs. second-plane riflescopes.


Episode 8: Large-Frame Revolvers

Check out the latest, greatest big boomers, including the return of the heavy-hitting .480 Ruger cartridge, and a live-fire accuracy test of bullet weight vs. twist rate reveals some fascinating findings. Pistol shooters are treated to an overview of magazine care and maintenance.


Episode 9: Action Rimfire

Hosts Jorgensen and Rupp demonstrate techniques and gear for this exciting family-friendly sport, and a top self-defense expert reviews everyday gear for effective concealed handgun carry.


Episode 10: The Red Label
Ruger's famous over/under shotgun is back. Find out why it's better than ever. Host Ken Jorgensen leads a myth-busting experiment on bullet penetration through dry wall that no one who keeps a gun for home defense will want to miss.


Episode 11: Wind Reading Lessons
The RIO team travels to Texas for an eye-opening education on how wind affects a bullet, and a noted firearms trainer cover why and how to carry a second concealed gun for backup. Is there a difference between the .223 Remington and 5.56 NATO cartridges? One of the country's top ballisticians weighs in.


Episode 12: Ruger Piston System
Ruger's Mark Gurney explains the benefits of a piston over a traditional gas system. Keep up with the latest in AR-15 defensive techniques by learning the correct way to fire and move with this popular firearm platform. How much velocity do you lose with a shorter barrel? Find out when the crew fires several different .44 Magnum guns.


Episode 13: Choosing A Pistol
Ruger's Brandon Trevino dispenses advice on how to select the right pistol for your needs, and a top trainer teaches the best ways to employ a flashlight in a low-light defensive situation. An experienced Ruger technician gives annual maintenance tips to keep a hunting rifle in good condition.